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I have been taking photo's as long as I can remember.  I have place a few of my favorite photos up here.  I am available to take photo's of your dogs or events.  $40.00 for a series of photo's.  You do not pay if the photo's do not turn out.  Show shots, dog shots, family shots, whatever.  Event price contact me for a price.  All photo's published must contain my name and email as the photographer. 

Ceedox Love Machine Milo's MS JE
In 2001 I bought my very first show Dachshund, one that came from a show home with champion parents. I named her Mojo. She was such a joy over the years. A little dog with a lot of love and a bigger then life personality. Even in the face of adversity she never gave up. It is funny how your pets can teach you so much. I strive to be like my dogs. They great everyone they see with there wag, unconditional love, non judgmental, always there for you. The humble us, make us laugh. When they leave us it is very heartbreaking. Mojo went to the work picnic with me in September were she downed a hot dog and a hamburger. That same weekend she was able to do one of her favorite things, go down the dirt hole and bark at the rats. Early Tuesday morning 9/7/2010 Mojo passed in one of her favorite spots, in front of the heater.  My close friend Cathy let me bury her at her property on Whidby Island, near Penn Cove. She was very special too me and will be dearly missed. I wanted to thank all of my friends that have been so supportive. In her memory please take from the wisdom that all our dogs teach us. Unconditional love, acceptance, tolerance, and friendship.

Cowboy, Mojo and Reno

Raven playing in the snow in Montana

Montana Owl

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